D-Day Normandy Tour

The coast of Normandy is forever etched in history as being the site where Allied troops began their main offensive against Nazi Germany, during World War II. The early hours of 6 June 1944 marked the beginning of history’s largest seaborne invasion, as close to 160,000 Allied troops including American, British and Canadian soldiers, commenced a coordinated attack.

The D-Day landings were part of Operation Overlord, which saw the Allied forces liberating Europe from Nazi control. A vast coastal area was divided into five sectors, each with a different codename; Omaha, Gold, Utah, Sword and Juno. These beaches can be explored as part of D-Day tours of Normandy and the memorials, cemeteries and museums here offer a poignant insight into the events that transpired.

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  • Distance from Paris: Approx. 279 km
  • Opening & closing times of museums: 09:30am to 06:30pm (can vary depending on the month)
1 To 4 PAX 5 To 8 PAX Visit hour
D-Day Normandy Tour 650 € 690 € Day Tour